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Looking back a couple posts, I saw that I promised to post a picture of my epoxy clay sculpture when I finished it — so here it is.


It is a Saw Whet Owl. I think they are so cute and it was a fun project to work on. I hope to do some more in this medium one of these days.

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The Fall was a busy time, for both Art Life, and Family Life. Dave and I were (and still are) busy preparing for winter — putting away the boat, and winterizing machines that will be sitting out the season, cutting trees to saw into lumber,  stacking it to dry properly, making sure we have propane tanks full, etc. etc.  The first snows have fallen, so winter has arrived.

I participated in  a couple group shows with my Critique Group [Artists of Studio 10], and took several sculptures over to Grand Forks, ND for their annual TAG(The Art of Giving) art gala/sale and fundraiser. I also took a couple workshops to learn more techniques, AND have fun! One was to learn the use of Epoxy Clay sculpture, from Wanda Odegard. I still have to paint my piece to call it done, so I will share it in a later post. I also took a wonderful workshop from Tonja Sell, which focused on using a variety of textures in the works and combining media, such as Watercolor or Acrylic with Pastel, or  Acrylic with collage and texture mediums. I started 3 pieces at the workshop, and just now finished the last of them.

Portrait of my son (many years ago!) using the texture techniques from Tonya's workshop -- done in Watercolor and Pastel.

Portrait of my son (many years ago!) using the texture techniques from Tonya’s workshop — done in Watercolor and Pastel.

This one was done using Acrylics on Canvas, texture mediums, and metallic paint -- also painted in a looser style than I usually work in.

This one was done using Acrylics on Canvas, texture mediums, and metallic paint — also painted in a looser style than I usually work in.

Portrait of my Sheltie, Bailey, done in Acrylic on pastel paper, with texturing techniques, and finished with Pastels

Portrait of my Sheltie, Bailey, done in Acrylic on pastel paper, with texturing techniques, and finished with Pastels

If you ever have the chance to take a Tonja Sell workshop, you should do it! Very Fun, and you learn a lot.

Coming up, Studio 10 is hanging a new exhibit at the First Lutheran Church in Bemidji, and after Christmas we are hanging a major exhibit at the Rourke Gallery in Fargo/Moorhead. I am busy with a few pet portrait commissions, and after that I hope to play around with the epoxy clay some more, and also have some started metal sculptures waiting for my attention. There is never a lack of things to work on!!

Hope all of my readers had a nice Thanksgiving — it is so good for us to look for the good things in life and be grateful.

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Looks like it is time to do some catching up again. Since I last wrote I have participated in the annual Studio Cruise, traveled to Colorado for a family gathering, taught a pastel class, and worked on various projects and artworks. Fun times, and busy, as seems the norm these days.

Here is a picture of my benches, now installed at First Lutheran Church. I think they have a very nice setting there, and it is fun to drive by and see them when I’m in town.

Commissioned benches now on site at First Lutheran Church in Bemidji.

Commissioned benches now on site at First Lutheran Church in Bemidji.

This next one is a landscape I painted as a demo for my “Intro to Pastels” class that I taught for BCAC. What a fun time we had! My students were great, and they all did so well. I hope they will all continue to work with the pastels on their own.

Beach we visited often in Nosara, Costa Rica.

Beach we visited often in Nosara, Costa Rica.

This is the animal portrait demo I did, of our cat Groucho as a kitten. [I promised to post this for my students so they could see how it looked finished, since I did not get it done during the class.]

The start -- Blocking in the background, and values on the subject.

The start — Blocking in the background, and values on the subject.

Underpainting the subject, adding color and shading.

Underpainting the subject, adding color and shading.

The finished portrait. I haven't decided on a title for it yet -- I am thinking of calling it "Little Groucho"

The finished portrait. I haven’t decided on a title for it yet — I am thinking of calling it “Little Groucho”

Next Post I will put in some of my student’s work. They all had some really nice paintings. I will be teaching another art class in March, so stay tuned for news about that too.




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Here it is the Labor Day weekend already! This summer flew by like the wind, with lots of things happening every week. It was a busy time for my art life that is for sure! I was very happy to complete two benches which will be at First Lutheran Church in Bemidji. It was challenging to get them done because of the unusually hot weather this year, and the frequent thunderstorms when it wasn’t hot! Here is a picture of the benches the day we delivered them.

“Northwoods Evergreens” benches. They will be installed at First Lutheran Church in Bemidji.

The art group I belong to “Studio 10”, has an exhibit at the Wild Hare cafe for the month of August. Our theme for the show is “Moods and Foods”.  This was a challenge for me, as it was a bit out of my normal subject range — but challenge is good, and here is what I created for the show:

“Hot Trio” (Coffee, Tea, Cocoa) I wanted to portray the different moods that these 3 beverages evoke in this triptych. It was a fun challenge for me.

In the middle of the month I attended our Region 2 Arts Council board retreat. It was located at Ruttger’s resort here in Bemidji, and was a fun way to meet our new board members and get tuned up for the busy year of grants and art support ahead. How is this for a nice meeting room?

Meeting locale at Ruttger’s resort, on Lake Bemidji.

We’ve been having family and friends visiting now that the kitchen project is done, which is so nice after 2 years of chaos! We also were involved with two dragonboating events, in Bemidji and Duluth. I still managed to finish a pet portrait commission of Kit, a sweet little Border Collie. I also participated in the first ever ‘Art Extravaganza’ hosted by the Art Center for kids from 7-14.  Looking ahead now, I’m preparing for the annual Studio Cruise in October. I hope to get some new works painted for that event, so plan to come out and see me!       Here’s Kit:

“Kit” 9×12 Pastel on Velour Paper


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I have returned from a week in Minneapolis and St. Paul. I had a great time getting to know other artists from all over the state at a training weekend for “Artist Career Counselors” which is a program being set up by Springboard for the Arts. I will be the ACC here in my area, and I am looking forward to meeting with and helping artists in my area. We were able to visit some studios during the St. Paul Art Crawl, which was fun. We also learned a lot about community collaboration, and career building.

The "New" fireplace.

The 'before' shot.

After the Springboard weekend I visited my aunt and had a different kind of art project — she has a square of styrofoam in front of her fireplace to block cold drafty air, but it wasn’t very attractive. So, I got busy and painted it for her — turned out pretty good, and was fun too.

Next stop was Duluth, where I visited my son and his girlfriend. She had the opening of her first solo show at a downtown restaurant — a fun occasion to be a part of! The not-so-fun event was my brakes seized up and I had to have them repaired before I could go home. Happily, some friends of a friend were able to do it for me, and I made it safely home.

Before leaving town I finished another commission and delivered it to the clients. Here is the pastel portrait of ‘Sophie.’

Sophie -- a sweet Border Collie

My next task is to finish a metal sculpture I have started for the Bemidji Sculpture Walk. I hope we have some nice days so I can get out to the shop and work on it! (It is rainy today)

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I have returned from an enjoyable trip to the desert southwest: Tucson, Green Valley, and Tubac Arizona. I visited with my friends, Kari and Dave, and we squeezed in as many art activities as we could handle! It was a great time, with wonderful weather (80’s and 90’s felt so good after all the below zero’s we’ve had this winter!) delicious food, and great conversations.

I flew down with a turtle in my suitcase — a welded metal “Painted Turtle” to be exact. I brought it to the Feminine Mystique Art Gallery in Tubac, where it will reside for a while, looking for a new family to take it home.

Here is "Painted Turtle" at the gallery in Tubac

Also on site at the FM Gallery is my large gecko sculpture titled “Ancient Messenger”. It is on the exterior wall of the gallery.

"Ancient Messenger" at the Feminine Mystique gallery

We visited several galleries in Tubac, and also attended the Festival of arts, which is when visiting artists fill the town with their tent/booths up and down the streets, rather like the Art-in-the-Park festival we have here in Bemidji. A great chance to see a wide variety of arts and crafts.

Kari took me to her critique group meetings, where I met lots of friendly artists, and admired their works in progress. We spent part of one afternoon at the SRAL abstract competition exhibit, and a full day up in Tucson visiting the San Xavier mission and several more galleries.

I really enjoyed the visit to the mission. It was built in the early 1700’s, and is still active after all this time. There is a small museum on site which tells the history of the church and mission. I enjoyed seeing the elaborate carvings in the church as well as the beautiful buildings.

The San Xavier Mission

Interior of the San Xavier Church at the mission












A pyrrhuloxia



Other highlights of the trip included seeing the great variety of cacti and

unique plants that live in the desert areas, watching the wildlife and birds in Kari and Dave’s yard, (javelina, desert cottontail, quail, hawks, roadrunners, cardinals,  pyrrhuloxia, and several other birds species.) and soaking up a bit of sunshine.

I had two works accepted into the “Art Show at the Dog Show” exhibit in Wichita, Kansas. I shipped them last week. Then I got word that I had a painting accepted into the International “Animals in Art” Exhibit in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I will be shipping that one tomorrow. (I hope) I am excited about getting my work into some juried shows!

Now it’s back to real life …  Hope to start work on a cat commission soon.

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We seemed to transition very quickly from a nice long mild fall into full blown winter. One day it was nearly 60 degrees and a couple days later ice on the lake and highs below freezing. I was out getting pictures of the first pretty snow one day, and of the newly iced up lake the next. Now we have received over a foot of snow, so I think winter has come to stay.

The first real snowfall, making our world beautiful, quiet, and cold.

I have several things going on in the studio. I am working on some pet commissions, finishing up some metal pieces that I started in the fall, cleaning my desk, and preparing to teach an acrylics class starting the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, in the house, we are tearing out the old floor in the dining room, and laying down a new under-layer before  installing hardwood flooring. Plus, preparing for Thanksgiving! So we are busy, no matter where we are.  Here are a couple little sculptures I made this fall.

Here is a Toad Castle!

Here is a little Toad house.


Groucho in the directors chair.

Groucho is keeping a eye on things in the studio.

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