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So here I am with a whole year flown by and not many posts. It seemed that I was always going to post something as soon as I finished _______, and then I was immediately busy with something else.

I completed a few dog portraits — two were commissioned works, and the other I did just because I wanted to paint that dog.


The other thing I have been spending time on was a large metalwork commission — a double gate for a client’s home.   I just got it finished and installed!

2 Gate-after -web

Tomorrow I’m off to an annual art benefit event in Grand Forks North Dakota. It is a fantastic event that raises funds for deserving organizations in the community, and showcases lots of wonderful artworks.

Hoping to have more art to share this year.  Now that spring has finally arrived (we had a long, long winter!) I expect some creative energy to come along with it!

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Time is flying by, and here it is almost July already.  I have been a student this spring, attending several workshops and classes on various aspects of being an artist. I am in a period of evaluation, and I hope these workshops will help me make decisions on what direction to follow with my art in the near, and possibly more distant future. The topics include, Public Art, School Residencies, The “Business of art”, PR – marketing and writing/talking about your work, and having an online presence. It has been fun for me to go to the sessions, but busy too.

Other events have also filled my time, such as Region 2 board meetings, painters group sessions, and the annual Bemidji Pet Expo. That is a fun event, and you should come to it if you happen to be in Bemidji next summer. I got lots of photo references for future paintings, as well as a fun time watching dogs and their people having fun together.

Did you know dogs could fly?!

I’m working on a new acrylic/mixed media on canvas, and I’m trying something new — I started with black gessso. So far, I like it. I’m also getting out to the welding shop to work on my big tree/nest sculpture for Neilson Place. It is a challenge, but I am making progress. I’ll put up a picture of working on the armature.

Working on the armature

I had a fun time this morning, doing art with one of my “occasional students”. We did some drawings of animals, some blown ink trees, and a monoprint. Hope she enjoyed it as much as I did.

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At long last I finished the beaver painting project. I delivered it to the appointed place last Monday, and they took it to be clear-coated and installed in downtown Bemidji. It has been fun for me to drive around and see what the other artists did on their beavers — we all worked at home, so we had no idea what the others would look like. I will let you see all four sides of it, and I have put up a slideshow on my Step-by-Step page.

Front View

Right side

Back view

Left side

I have been doing a bit of watercolor painting lately, inspired by spending time with other artists,  and painting together. Nothing finished yet on those, but in progress. I plan to start another canvas this week, and will also begin re-doing the tree on one of my earliest sculptures, “Future Unknown”. [If the weather cooperates!] That sculpture had a wooden tree section which carpenter ants got into and weakened it to the point that it broke and fell over in a storm last spring. Here is the sculpture as it looked originally:

Me with "Future Unknown"

I will post another picture when the re-do is complete. I plan to build the new tree section out of metal, so there will be no more worry about ants!

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