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This is for anyone who will be in or near Bemidji next week (and through the end of June). I have an exhibit with my friend and fellow-artist, Pat Shough at Neilson Place, in Bemidji.  We are having an artists reception on Friday April 6, from 3-4:30 pm. The Exhibit is called “Flora and Fauna”, and it features my Pastel and Acrylic animal themed-art with Pat’s Watercolors and Acrylics of flowers. We would love to have the chance to talk to you about our art.

Neilson place is now also called Sanford Health WoodsEdge — located at 1000 Anne St NW. If you can’t be there next Friday, you can still come and see the exhibit, as it will be up until the end of June. If you stop by, write and tell me your thoughts!

Here is one of my works that will be at the show:

"Still Life" Pastel Painting

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I’m back from sunny California! I had a great time visiting my Uncle Dorothy and Aunt Larry. [family joke] I also got to see my cousins, Terry and Tom, and their families, so it was a nice time to reconnect. We went up to visit Yosemite, which was awesome, and also went to Laguna Beach and saw the ocean, on Mother’s Day. Very special for someone who lives far away from any ocean. My aunt grows roses and other flowers, and they were so beautiful. I couldn’t stop taking pictures!

Now it’s back to work. Many projects and classes are filling up my calendar. I have more work to do on my large “MinnEcoTurtle” sculpture, and there is also a very large beaver in my studio waiting to be painted. I had my art students this week for our last scheduled lesson, but we  have our annual end of the school year picnic to look forward to, when all the kids come at the same time, and we do some fun art things like an art scavenger hunt, or team pictionary. (depends on the weather).

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Busy Weekend

Another busy weekend! First, I had another workshop to attend on Saturday. It was for artists interested in doing residencies in schools. It was really good – packed with information, and the presenters were great. They both had lots of experience, so they could answer all our questions. I would like to do this sometime, so I plan to put the information to use in my own life. [When it will happen, I don’t know.]

Today was a nice day, so after church I got to work, sandblasting my “MinnEco Turtle” sculpture. It was down in Edina for a year, and got rusty, so I have to re-finish it.

Sandblasting the turtle

Sandblasting is a lot of work! Here I am, all decked out in my blasting clothes. You have to wear enough layers to protect your skin from the sand that is bouncing around everywhere.

Safety Gear

In this photo you can see all the safety gear for your head. A hood to protect your eyes, ear muffs for your ears, mask to keep silica dust out of your lungs, and a hat to cover your hair and keep the hood properly positioned. Plus, you need heavy gloves for your hands. As you can see, this can also be very HOT to wear, especially when you are sandblasting in the summer. Not on my fun list, but it must be done.

Here is a picture of a small painting I did when I was thinking ahead to spring and summer. I don’t do many florals, but I love the Day Lilies that grow in my yard, and I’ve been wanting to paint them.

"Consider the Lilies" Acylic/mixed media, 6" x 12"

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