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Hard to believe it is 2014! It is starting out as the old year ended — bitterly cold. We had around minus 36 this morning, and that is not wind chill, just the actual temp. So glad I have a house to keep me warm — how the pioneers and Native Americans lived here in ‘the old days’ is hard to conceive of.

Well, we are sure to have some warmer days and good times ahead. I like to look back at summer pictures about this time, and some of my paintings of fall — which I think is my favorite season, because the colors have so much energy! I’ll post a few of my “Autumn Glory” series.

"Color and Sunshine" 10"x10"Acrylic on canvas

“Color and Sunshine”
10″x10″Acrylic on canvas


“Reds I” 9″x12″ Acrylic on canvas


“Look Up!” 16″x 20″Acrylic on canvas


“Glory Days” 12″x16″ Acrylic on canvas


“Fall Birches” 10″x10″Acrylic on canvas

These were all painted in what I consider a ‘backwards’ technique: I start with the lightest color, which I paint overĀ  the whole canvas except the areas I know will be tree trunks or branches. I then layer on more colors to create the sunlit leaves. Next are the tree trunks/branches. Then most of the mid-size and smaller branches. Finally I add the sky, which is what gives form and dimension to the leaves, and perhaps a few tiny twigs. This is the total opposite of my usual method of painting the background first, and then giving attention to the subject. It is actually quite fun to do things in a different way once in a while, and it helps me loosen up on these landscape subjects, which really don’t need to be photo perfect. It is the mood and the energy of the season that I’m trying to convey. Every one of these paintings were based on trees in my own yard. I am so fortunate to live in a beautiful place!

Hope your year is off to a good start!



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We have been having a nice snowy winter this year. Not so much wind (although it is sub-zero and windy today!) so the snow stays on the trees, and everything looks so pretty. I will put up a couple pictures from our last snowfall.

View towards the lake from the house.

Sculptures in the front yard, well covered in snow.




This was taken from the house while we were getting nice powder snow, coming down pretty heavily — we got 6-8 inches in that one.








I think the snow is over three feet deep in the yard where we haven’t been clearing.







We had some deer visit the spilled sunflower seeds under our bird feeder. They stayed a while and then moved on.

Scrounging for tidbits

One more:

Our kitten Groucho, on his first walk in snow. He seemed to like it!

Seems like I have been spending a lot of time on the computer lately. I got my bookwork up to date and filed my sales taxes. I also spent time updating my resume and writing some proposals for a hoped-for commission or two. Time will tell how it all pans out.

I did get some work done on a watercolor trio I have been working at for a few weeks — I may be done, or I may add to it — I need to let it sit a while and then decide.

This I will call "Follow the Leader".

"Standing Tall"



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