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This year has certainly gone FAST. I have been busy enough to neglect posting new things and hope to do better in the year to come. I have been working on a grant, learning new metal sculpture techniques, and will have those to share in the new year. I have also been doing paintings for shows, and commissions and will share a few of them today.

IMG_5146wThis piece is entitled “Knock, knock …Whoo’s There?”  Won 2nd place in Super Gold category at the annual Artists of MN spring show.



One of my dog portrait commissions. Here is another:



and one more:



Here I am, working in the metal shop.

"Me. at work on a new project"

“Me. at work on a new project”

and a goodby for now shot of Groucho under our Christmas tree.


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This piece was a lot of fun to work on! I started it last fall when a film crew came out to my studio to film me at work, and I ended up carving a linoleum block for the painting that I planned to do of a Border Collie puppy. The painting was just a sketch in my idea book at that time, but I knew I wanted sheep in the design. So, I carved a sheep on my block, and then Christmas, other paintings, and general busy-ness stopped my progress for a while.
When I got back to this idea I printed a bunch of sheep on a thin textured rice/mulberry paper and tore them out individually. I painted my background colors on the canvas, then collaged the sheep in place with matte medium. After that I adjusted the background with glazes, added some text, and began work on the puppy. I developed the fur and the details, then finished with some metal leaf highlights. “Destiny” was complete! Hope you enjoy it.

"Destiny" 18"x18" Acrylic/Mixed media on Canvas

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I have another painting finished — this one just asked to be painted. It is my cat, Groucho, looking out of his little cat tree house. He has such a royal attitude all the time, so I dubbed him the king of our household, and gave him a crown and scepter. Hope you enjoy it!

"The King Will See You Now"

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Things are calming down now that the Holidays are over. I have been working my way through a long to-do list, and seem to be getting it under control. 🙂

I finished a portrait of Georgia, my sister’s dog, and sent it to her for Christmas. I didn’t post it before, because she might have looked at my website and that would have spoiled the surprise. Here is the painting, “Queen of the House”.

"Queen of the House" A little cutie who lives in Colorado with a great family.

I also finished a dog portrait that I started as a demo in my Acrylics class. When the class ended it looked like this:

I have put in the background with texturing, and underpainted the subject.

My next step was to carve a lino-cut of dog biscuits to print and collage onto the image. I chose some text to compliment the mood of the piece, and collaged that on as well. I laid out and painted the spots where I wanted to add metal leaf on the completed painting.

I collaged on the lino-prints, blocked in the "squares" for the metal leaf, enriched the background colors, and started the darks on the dog.

Finally, I worked over the whole subject, mostly from dark to light, put in the eyes (my favorite part — it brings the subject to life!) and added the metal leaf. Here is the finished piece, “You Lookin’ at Me?”

"You Lookin' at Me?" Acylic/Mixed media on canvas

I entered 2 juried shows, and now must wait to see if my work is accepted. I will be cleaning the studio this week, and hope to get back to a watercolor painting of running horses that I have been trying to get done for a couple months. However — with the new year comes the need to get my bookkeeping up to date and start the tax calculations, so we will see what wins the battle for my time! 🙂

More snow is falling — it is a beautiful day. Time to get on with my tasks …

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